DON'T WASTE your time and energy with a one size fits all content strategy.

Large corporations get special treatment to perfectly curate their brand from equally large or designer digital agencies offering the moon and stars. It's elite catering to the elite and the ongoing cost to have a specialized team working for your company is a luxury we can't all have. Until now.

If you fall somewhere below a major corporation, you'll find yourself struggling to find where you belong on social media. You're likely questioning where to start and how you can do it without breaking the bank. We urge you to not choose impersonal "one size fits all" content automation. Pumping out generic content that's not useful to your customer base and not inline with your brand is 100% a waste of your time, effort and money. Stop posting on all your platforms with no plan. You need a targeted plan to capture your audience.

At Firefly Social we are passionate about getting the unseen seen. What drives us is making custom content strategies that fit your brand and your brand only. No matter what level your company is at online, we offer a variety of packages you can afford and à la carte options to help you get real and get focused about social media and online community management.