The Big Game - The Event Posting Advantage

The Big Game is coming. Are you ready for Sunday posting madness? 

If you haven't already worked the big game this weekend into your content schedule, there is still time! The countdown is on and Sunday is almost here. Is your product or service something that appeals to the spirit of this weekend? Jump on the bandwagon and get your voice heard with trending hashtags around the game. There are even anti-game hashtags if your business and service is against the spirit of this weekend. Do your research and find out what will help you get your message across. 

RiteTag is a great place to see what is already trending and find hashtags that could suit your posts. 

For quick game images if you don't have a product or service that is already in spirit of the game, you can do something quick with Canva or Pablo. 

Don't be afraid to use these programs for your Instagram stories as well. Get creative and have fun with it. 

May the best team win and may your business score big this weekend. Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Christie St. Martin 

p.s. That super cute baby is mine. ;) Unfortunately for us two ladies, we will have to cheer for her dad's team this year.  Thankfully mom can cry into a beer or two and eat all the chips.