In today's over-saturated online business world you have to grab someone's attention fast and be as clear, direct and enticing as possible. It sounds simple but there is an art to this. It takes time to perfect it for your own brand. But practice makes perfect. Today's topic is going to be about how to improve your CTAs. 

For a brief refresher for the beginner. Call to Action - Is as simple as it sounds. It's your call to action, your demand of your audience. What do you want them to do? Is this about a product your selling? A service? An event you are hosting? Do you want them to download your latest Ebook? Read your blog? Follow you on Instagram? Tell them directly. Tell them simply what you want them to do.  

So lets start with some simple rules.

1. Don't bury your CTA. - Don't be shy. Be direct. You are after all here to fuel lead generation and convert to sales. So tell them what you want them to do up front. It's genuine to tell your audience what you want from them. They'll respect you more for it.

2.  Use your images to do it or help -  Images on social media are your first impression. Most of you know that but don't always use it to the best of your abilities. Sure times your feed shouldn't be "sell sell sell". Sometimes it's  important to offer a laugh and content that breaks the ice.. But when you want to grab their attention for a specific purpose, you want it to be the image they stop scrolling on and read. Use brief text that direct your intended action. 

  • Eye catching image.
  • Brief CTA to capture their attention - Example: "Enter to WIN", Change your work  life, download our free tool"
  • Whatever you can't explain, do it in your text blurb outside of the image. Just get their attention. 
  • Use Images that fit your brand.

3. Sample and test different CTA keywords. Yes things like "Get YOUR ____ here" are proven to work really well but find what is working for you and responding to your customers. We believe that if your brand is genuinely speaking to people like they aren't idiots and having real conversations with people, that will trend better. 

4. Have fun with the design - You can use things like your FB cover page to play with the action buttons on your business page. You know your feed is below you, you know where your action bars are. Point them out. Change your profile image to fit your purpose. Did you just launch an eBook or guide you want everyone to see? Make a page shift and plaster it on the cover wall proudly. 

5. Is your post about something free?  If you are giving something away for free, MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR. FREE <-- should be highlighted in your image and design. What better way for someone to take a moment out of their day to get something that could be valuable if it is for free. Maybe you also request an action for said freebie. Maybe it's only for exclusive followers who are watching your stories. Be creative but be clear what action you want them to take. 


Good luck out there! Don't be afraid to make mistakes. That's how we continue to improve our strategy. 



Christie St. Martin