UGC is simply any type of content (photo, video, tweet, etc) that is created by a follower, customer, fan, or user.  So that means that anyone taking their own photo, posting it to Instagram, and tagging a brand or using a hashtag is creating user generated content. 

Using UGC to curate your Instagram feed will make your social media content creation so much easier.  LIKE SO MUCH EASIER. People love to see your product, service, or event being used or enjoyed in real life. Bonus: This allows you to save time creating content by using authentic shares from your fans.

The easiest way to collect these customer and fan reaction shots is to create a branded hashtag. You can check on it daily to see if anyone shared their purchase or experience with their own feed. We recommend you double tap or hit the LOVE icon and comment on their image. Then request to repost their image on your own feed. With their permission, you gain content to share with your followers. You can save it for a later date to share or share immediately.

You can keep building up these incredible user generated content posts and build a content calendar of shares that can help you fill in your content gaps.  Most people who post an image of your product/service and use the hashtag publicly are excited to be featured. This can helps you build a stronger and more engaged community. Share their excitement and love because it is contagious. 

Don't be afraid to use this strategy in the form of a contest. Get users interested in sharing the hashtag in a chance to win your product or service or even to be just featured on your feed. This is a strategy that can work in coordination with other business partners. Be creative and most importantly have fun with it. 

Best UGC Practices:

  • Create an Instagram Hashtag people can follow. One that's easy, branded to fit your business. Keep it simple and smart.  

  • Encourage people to use the hashtag when you can in posts. 
  • Make sure if it is a product, you send a reminder in the packaging that you would love to see the product in the wild. Tell them what hashtag to include in their post, remind them where they can find you online, and don't forget to give them a big thank you for being a customer! 
  • Track this hashtag and all those who tag you. Love their images, comment genuinely. If it is an image you want to share, ask permission. 
  • Now with all your amazing collected UGC you can schedule a beautiful Instagram feed and profile. There are several services you can use to make life easier for you. And make it beautiful. Check out Schedugram, Planoly, and UNUM.
  • Never forget to give credit to the user who gave you that content and to thank them publicly. Keep track and make sure you link it back to them. It's a beautiful relationship of sharing content. Keep the love flowing. 

We hope you enjoyed our focus on Instagram this week. We will be collecting all our tips this week on Instagram and Facebook into one consolidated blog for the weekend.

Good luck out there and have an amazing weekend! 


Christie St. Martin