Freebie Friday: 5 Social Media Management Tools Checklist


Hello again!  It's Freebie Friday and I wanted to save you some time from typing "Free Social Media Tools" into google and being overwhelmed by endless options. These are some of my favourites. If these tools are not fully free then they offer incredible free trials that are worth taking the time to see if they could transform your social media game.  Here's a quick summary of why they are worth your time and maybe your money. 


So lets assume you have had your business in motion online for some time but you really have no idea what sort of presence you have on the web. Mention might be the next tool for you.  Mention will monitor your social networks, blogs, forum posts, online activity in general and let you know how far you're reaching and who is talking about you. 

With clients, I have always told them these tools are not just to see how you're doing but what engagements you might be missing. Are people talking about you and you haven't stepped up to the plate to respond? This is how you can connect the dots for what people are engaging with and how you can perhaps close a new client. Or make your product more approachable. Whatever you find, you will no doubt find something valuable you can learn from and build upon. 


Buffer is a one of those time saving tools that will send all your updates to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and It has built-in analytics to help you see what posts are performing well and what might need to be scrapped next time you build your content plan. One of my favourite features is that it will show you the best times to publish updates based on your business' audience.  Buffer for Business might be where you're at. Especially if you have a social media manager who needs to get herself organized in a way you can monitor the content before publishing. 


Quintly is an awesomely powerful tool for super in-depth social media analytics. This is definitely next level for your business if you're ready for it. This will help you track your company's social media performance across major platforms. There is also a built in benchmark feature that will compare your business' performance to your competitors and hold you to industry standards. This might be a bit too heavy for businesses just starting out but again, if you hired the right social media manager for your company, this is definitely going to bring you insights worth capitalizing on. Major bonus being how beautiful and easy the dashboard is to use. 


Brand24 delivers real-time information on what's being said as well as what is going on with your competitors. These sorts of insights can allow you or the social media manager/moderation team you have to respond to all kinds of comments about your brand across all your social media platforms. Staying engaged with your audience is key. If you want to turn negative engagements into positive ones, this is your opportunity to not miss a beat. This is a tool that's definitely meant for a company that feels like they can't get ahead of their reputation and have some damage control to do. Or ideally, right before the damage has a chance to happen. Remember, you're online now which means that a missed opportunity could do a lot more harm to you than the days before the good ol' internet tubes. But even just publicly responding to an unhappy customer will likely bring you more good business than bad. You just have to play your cards right and respond genuinely and authentically while addressing their concern. But that's a whole other blog post for another day. 


Zapier is here to connect you to all of the services you likely use independently and will save you and your team time. Tweets, MailChimp campaigns, HipChat or new RSS items.

And you can connect productivity apps like Evernote and Asana to social networks or awesome products like Dropbox or Github.




Christie St. Martin

Chief Firefly Officer