Today's blog is offering up two things for you. One is this old (yet still mostly on point) checklist I wrote a few years ago. Despite the never-ending tweaks and changes to these platforms, this list can help keep you focused on tangible daily goals. Find out where you want to make a difference and a little bit every day will go a long way. Maybe you only focus on one major platform and funnel it out in a way that fits your schedule. You can find what works best for your business if time is not on your side.

The second is a reminder that those hurting for content to share can often use old content in a new way.  Like  (OH MY GOODNESS) this blog post! Content doesn't have to be time consuming. Sometimes you can use stuff (like this ol' handy list) and make it new again. Especially if it's on target. Right now, I want to focus my time and energy on my clients (or my free time chasing my daughter around the kitchen) but still offer something on our blog to those who aren't ready to make the switch yet.

The most important thing I can recommend, no matter how you choose to use this list, is that you stick with your social plan for 6 to 12 months once you dive in. With or without Firefly Social's involvement, it takes time to see true and meaningful results. Nothing happens overnight. No matter what you've heard. SEO helps. Content helps. Real engagement with followers you made a connection with is your goal and it comes with time, effort and focus. Especially if you are going without an advertising budget or carving out a large chunk of your time to focus on social. Maybe you're just starting out and it's incredibly overwhelming. Or maybe you are not ready to pass the responsibility over to someone else yet because it's your baby. 

We totally get it. 

 That's what this list can help you do. Keep you focused and a little bit less overwhelmed than when you began. Print it out and focus on what you can actually tackle. Maybe borrow some of your kids gold star stickers (or My Little Pony stickers if that's your bag) and pat yourself on the back when you hit it out of the park. and check something off your to-do list. I don't know about you but I live for lists.  

Warning: You will soon realize why many companies rely on a dedicated Social Media Manager or team to post on their behalf. It's time consuming and if you're a one man team, you are probably struggling to find time for marketing your business online. Especially when questions and comments are starting to pour in from potential customers. Managing feedback is no easy feat and it very well might be the lifeline of your business and panic mode is setting in.  But this little checklist can help you make some progress on your own until you're ready to expand and let someone else take it all on for you. 

It is important to mention that since posting this checklist a few years ago, Instagram has changed the most. Like woaaaah, business accounts and everything. Oh My. The newly incorporated Stories feature is a great way to engage your existing follower base and collaborate with other businesses. I wrote more about Instagram's November features earlier.  Check that out if you're feeling sassy and ready to take it on.  

Oh and now for a not so subtle Firefly Social plug: We have new updated checklists that are exclusively available to our clients who want to focus on specific platforms to engage with their followers and grow their brand. We give you all the guides, step-by-steps, ticks and tricks to help you feel confident posting content for your business.

 We recommend different paths for each client based on their business, their goals and their capabilities. And we have the fun checklists, guides and step-by-steps just for you. Plus, we offer regular check-ins to keep you on target. We are always just an email or message away to answer your questions or trouble-shoot for Firefly clients. 

Reach out if you're ready for a more guided step into the overwhelming world of social. We are here to help you navigate it at your own pace. 



Christie St. Martin

Chief Firefly Officer*

*because my kid is really into Fireflies. Or anything that glows. Or Lemons. Yesterday she just carried a lemon around for 3 hours.