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custom strategies that wont break the bank




We've been in this game for a long time.


We've had experience with mega brands. We've been there, done that. We're more interested in what's next. What your business can do.
Because we know it's going to be big.
Game changer big.


We offer affordable social media crash courses to custom digital marketing strategies for your business.


DON'T WASTE your time and energy with a one size fits all content strategy.

Large corporations get special treatment to perfectly curate their brand from equally large or designer digital agencies offering the moon and stars. It's elite catering to the elite and the ongoing cost to have a specialized team working for your company is a luxury we can't all have. Until now.

If you fall somewhere below a major corporation, you'll find yourself struggling to find where you belong on social media. You're likely questioning where to start and how you can do it without breaking the bank. We urge you to not choose impersonal "one size fits all" content automation. Pumping out generic content that's not useful to your customer base and not inline with your brand is 100% a waste of your time, effort and money. Stop posting on all your platforms with no plan. You need a targeted plan to capture your audience.

At Firefly Social we are passionate about getting the unseen seen. What drives us is making custom content strategies that fit your brand and your brand only. No matter what level your company is at online, we offer a variety of packages you can afford and à la carte options to help you get real and get focused about social media and online community management.


let us build the right package for your business

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Social Media Leader & Team Coaching

We are here to support your team, new hire, or you (the self starter) in taking on this new challenge. We will evaluate where you are at and give real actionable advice and strategic suggestions to tackle your own brand strategy immediately. We customize each encounter to fit the needs and demands of your business specifically. Each coaching session will come with a social media audit.

These sessions can can be one-on-one with a Firefly Social strategy and social media coach or we can come to speak to your team in person. We also provide google video/Facebook chat coaching. We want to fit your hectic schedule to set you up for success. 


Custom Strategy & Health Check-Ins

Customization isn't a buzz word, it's a strategy. It's time for a check-up and check-in on the health and viability of what you're currently putting out there on social media. We offer a complimentary social media audit and provide  strategic planning for your business with 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month health check plans.

You will gain access to our social media tools and guides as well as project management software updates from our team as trends change in our field. We want to keep you up to date with everything you need to know to find your customer base online . 

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Custom Strategy & Full Social Media Management and Moderation

Don't want to go it alone? We can handle the whole kit and caboodle. We've got you covered. We will build a custom strategy for you and manage your content plan across all social media platforms. We offer full moderation of those platforms. 

Build Your Own Firefly Social Package 

Didn't find what you were looking for? We offer a range of services to creatively build your own package that suits your company's growing needs. We will help you create your company websites, assist with re-branding, help you hire your own social media manager, or provide you just with a social audit to see how you're fairing. 

  Chief Firefly Catcher

Chief Firefly Catcher

Christie st. martin

Christie loves to help others find their passion and make it catch fire with others. She got into social media before it ever had a name, building a wildly popular and fun website. 16 years later, she's still at it. She has since wrote and managed VH1's Best Week Ever website.

The Los Angeles Times gave her own blog and she contributed to the Los Angles Times' Hero Complex (a Sci-Fi/Comics blog), where she always provided her usual melange of cheek, snark and occasional observation. She would later go on to work for Syncapse where she managed clients like J.P. Morgan Chase and Loreal's social platforms to help grow, curate and build their online presence.

After over a year of forming Xprize spin-off HeroX's social media from the ground up for their prize platform for breakthroughs, she has found her true love. Helping small businesses, tech-start ups (at cool tech-incubators like San Antonio's Geekdom), and major brands find their audience, grow their audience and manage their communities online.

She is her own organizing principle, a kind of mad surfer on the crests of cultural lunacy, Alternately acerbic with an unhealthy obsession with LEGO and if given a day off she would spend it making dinosaur noises with her daughter chasing the family cats. Because that's how we roll around our house. 



  Firefly Moderation & Community Consultant

Firefly Moderation & Community Consultant


Nug has been active in social media since before social media was even a term. Nug has won 3 Canadian Comedy Awards, has been a performer in several television shows such as CBC’s The Ron James Show, Nickelodeon’s Life With Boys, and SyFy’s Scare Tactics. He can also be seen as a panelist on Sportsnet 360 in Canada for Aftermath, a weekly run-down of all things related to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Currently, Nug performs in and manages the scheduling, recording, editing, uploading, and promotion of the Illusionoid podcast (FREE on iTunes!). They recently hit #17 on the Canadian iTunes charts, just passed 500K downloads, and have been nominated three times for Best Podcast at the Canadian Comedy Awards. They have performed across Toronto and at various improv festivals in such exotic places as San Francisco and Guelph.

When he’s not on stage, he fills his time with comic books, the gym, wrestling, yoga, and eating healthy… but he will cave for chicken wings.



  Firefly Copywriting Consultant

Firefly Copywriting Consultant

Crystal Adair-benning

Breathing life and character into your brand is all about the language you choose to wrap yourself in. Crystal's passion and prerogative is to tell your story in a bold way that resonates, reflects and reassures your clients that you, yes you, are the only one that they will ever need. Handcrafted storytelling for modern business. She started off writing fairytales that turned into reality.

Crystal has been a writer since she was severely un-cool in wanting a typewriter instead of a Nintendo as a child. Since her dad caved with the typewriter, she's been through endless ribbons and stories, weaving tales and tributes to incredible people, places and companies who deserve to step out of the shadows.

Her company, Quirk Copywriting, will carry authenticity through your story and find the words you dream but can't put onto paper (without breaking a sweat). Go on, she makes writing look easy... especially when, for us mere mortals... it isn't.


You won't see our name splattered all over the web talking about how great we are. We are going to spend all our time online building YOUR brand. After all, our brand is all about you. If we are on Twitter, FB, Instagram, or telling stories on Snapchat, it's for you and your business.

Less talk, more rock.

Reach out to Firefly Social and let us put you on the grid with swagger.


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